KodNest Vijaya Mudiveerannanavar


VIJAYA from Haveri, a girl who wanted to make her own identity. A diligent learner and an ambitious kid who just needed the proper guidance. 

She did her bachelors in electrical engineering from Vishveshwarya college of engineering in the stream of electronics and communication. She was very scared that she didn’t know Java, and she wasn’t confident that she could learn it, but she had faith in kodnest that they could teach her and make her learn programming as her friends also got trained and placed through kodnest training and unlimited placements. She attended demo classes and developed confidence that she could also do it. It wasn’t easy, but with the proper training, it was possible. 

The one thing that surprised her the most was that the trainers cared about the students and made sure that they were ready with all the knowledge. They train the students from scratch; the most helpful thing she felt was the mock test and interviews. It gave her the idea to prepare for the interviews and have the confidence to crack them. 

She was so happy that she finally got placed at Broadridge with the package of 5 LPA and made her family and Kodnest super proud.

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