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Tummalapalli Kiran Teja is A shy and introverted student with excellent academics. He had lots of potential and dreams, but he was worried due to financial problems and no placements. He tried his best and attended many drives before joining kodnest but didn’t get placed in any of them, but he stood strong and didn’t lose any hope.

Being an electrical engineering student, he faced more hurdles. Still, he believed that anyone could learn to program as nothing is impossible, so it depends on how serious and dedicated we are. If we focus with our complete concentration and listen with interest, everything becomes possible. 

When he lost all hopes and was clueless about his life, that’s when kodNest came into his life as a ray of hope, KodNest also became his world of possibilities that would help him get his first dream job. 

The one thing that he felt was surprising at kodnest  was the huge drive count. Kodnest provided multiple drives which made him realize how kodNest is actually the WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES. 

He attended 7 days of free classes, and even after all the financial problems, he applied for our full-stack development course, from here his journey towards his first Dream Job began.. 

He got placed at Publicis sapients at a package of 5.1 LPA within 1 month of training at KodNest. This success solved all his problems, and it did justice to the faith he had in himself and KodNest. He believed he cracked the interviews with the help of quality training, mocks and the numerous placements given to him.

He always had a strong mindset and willingness to learn and get placed. You made us all proud, Kiran Teja. 
Kiran Teja: “ I want to come to Bangalore and thank all the team for being our strength and motivating us. They are constantly backing us up and that helped me a lot ”.

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