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Happy and placed! This is exactly how we want our students to be. This story is about Sowmiya, who was a very hardworking and dedicated Student who graduated from CSI College of Engineering and  has always given  her 100%  and put all her effort and time into one thing which is to practice and prepare well for her first Dream Job

From waking up at 4 am in the morning to practicing what was taught to getting placed on her first attempt in a big MNC like Broadridge with a Package of 5 LPA, we have seen her remarkably transform herself with her dedication to achieving her First Dream job..

Electrical engineering or other Non-CS/IT branch Students face more challenges, but that Never stopped kodNest from preparing Sowmiya to achieve her dreams. 

In her early stage, She did not know any programming languages, but she was ready to put in all the effort to learn everything taught in the class, and we made sure to help her at every step as KodNest strongly believes in giving our 200% when it comes to our student’s future. 

The Team at kodNest were so happy to see her hard work pay off, and she was able to program really well too. It was extremely heartwarming to see her get placed Within a month of joining kodNest training and cracked the interview in her first attempt with the help of our unlimited placement drives. She and her family were extremely proud and happy that sowmiya got her first dream job.

In short SOUMIYA’s words: “I am from an electrical engineering background and I didn’t have the knowledge in java or anything. kodNest made it crystal clear for me, I am a good programmer now and I cannot express my feelings or happiness”.

We wish that you shine brighter and get all the success in life. 

We are proud of you Sowmiya.

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