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Smita is a girl with many dreams and finding a way to start her career to get her first dream job. She studied at KLE College of engineering and technology Chikodi, Belgaum, in the branch of computer science engineering. After several attempts at different companies, she was unable to crack the interviews. She was supercharged to start and was confused as to how.

Smita got to know about kodnest through her friends, former students who got placed in really good companies, which motivated her a lot. She registered with kodNest and tried learning and getting a hold of the subjects so that she could get placed in a good company like her friends. She realized that kodnest is the best platform to get trained and get a job not only for the freshers but also for the experienced candidates too. 

 Her training went great, and she then applied for the drive of Broadridge. She didn’t expect to get placed on her first try. She got placed at Broadridge with the package of 5 LPA through kodnest unlimited placements. She was so pleased to get the job that she suggested kodnest to all her friends.

She loves everything about kodNest and wants all her friends and juniors to also join kodNest for their first dream job.

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