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We should never stop working towards our goal, the constant hardwork and dedication payoff one day. One of the examples of this is Sanjay C from bangalore. He studied at Vivekananda Institute Of Technology in the stream of electronics and communication engineering. He wanted to learn and get placed in a good company and in the search of a good opportunity he got to know about kodnest. 

We have seen Sanjay putting all his effort and giving his best while kodnest trainers were making sure that he was fully knowledgeable in every programming language. The more he practiced the better he got in all the languages and kodnest is super happy seeing him improve his skills. Kodnest made sure that be it aptitude or be it programming, one can be good in every field. 

One thing that surprised Sanjay had the independence to choose the drive he wanted to attend. In other institutes, it is mandatory to attend every drive whether you like it or not. Kodnest gave the students full authority to choose and sit for the drive of their choice. 
Sanjay comes from a middle class family and he wanted to support his family with the help of a job. He was extremely happy when he got a job at Daimler truck with the package of 10 LPA and made the kodnest proud. Sanjay was super happy that he did his training with full honesty and he got the success he desired.

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