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Sahana, An excellent student with great enthusiasm to achieve something in life. She completed her graduation at Rajeev institute of technology, Hassan, which also happens to be her hometown, in the stream of Electronics and communication engineering. Her father is a farmer, and her mother is a homemaker. She wanted to be a developer and was looking for the right opportunity to start.

One of her seniors got a job at a great company with a good package of 6 LPA, which surprised her so much. She enquired more and got to know that her senior got training and placed through kodnest. She researched more on kodNest and was super happy when kodnest visited her college and introduced the training and placement. She wanted to give it a try and attended free demo classes. She registered immediately and took all the benefits of the training as well as unlimited placement drives provided by kodnest.

Her parents were extremely supportive and kept her positive, which helped her focus on learning, and as soon as she was confident, she started attending placement.

She cracked the Robert Bosch interview and got placed with the package of 5 LPA. Her parents and kodnest are proud of her achievement. She told us that she would never ever forget whatever she learned at kodnest. 

Her Family and kodNest are proud of Sahana’s achievements.

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