When you decide to stay motivated and positive, you will surely find your right path. One such determined student of kodnest is Prabhat Kumar from Jabalpur, Madhya pradesh. He studied at Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences in the stream of electrical and electronics engineering. 

Due to covid there was a lack of opportunities in the market and in search of opportunities, Prabhat came across the kodnest. At that time when there was a low number of opportunities in the market but still kodnest was providing unlimited placement drives. Prabhat saw the opportunity and he registered immediately to kodnest. 

Prabhat wanted to learn programming and different languages as he was from the EEE branch and they didn’t come across coding much, so Prabhat did many projects for practical knowledge and Kodnest trainers made sure that he excelled in all the languages and got a grip on each of them with better skills. 
Prabhat was extremely happy that he gave interviews and cracked 5-6 interviews with the help of kodnest. He kept getting better and finally he got placed at Daimler truck with the package of 10 LPA and everyone in his family is extremely happy and proud. They got speechless when he told them that he got placed at Daimler truck, the brand of Mercedes benz. He got the best package in his friends and family for a freshman and he was very proud of that.

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