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This story is about Our CSR studentPooja Y U from Chitradurga, a land of historic forts and strong women like Onake Obavva. She graduated from BIET College, Davangere. After graduation, she was looking for knowledge and placements to start her career. She was searching for the right career path and she came across kodnest, and after seeing the results of placed students, she immediately registered. She believed in KodNest, Her learning journey started with kodnest.

She was a hardworking student who worked with a passion and a plan. It’s a challenge for any technical graduate not to get the placements, and she understood that to get placed skills are required. That was when she knew she wanted some strong knowledge to work in the technical field.

She absolutely loved that kodnest started from the very basics and went to the advanced level of concepts. The training was done so well that she never will forget anything that she learnt at KodNest, Pooja didn’t stop there; she implemented all the knowledge in the projects, which gave her the confidence to face the real world and attend the kodnest unlimited placement drives.

The mock interviews and weekly tests provided by kodnest were a big Boost to her confidence. She and her friends at kodNest also used to practice debates and interviews. Trust us that within a span of 1 month, she got placed in 3 different companies along with her friends, who were also students at kodnest. 
On the holy day of Ganesh Chaturthi, she got the offer letter, and she took a printout and gave it as a present to her mom on her birthday. It was the feeling of pure happiness that she experienced because of KodNest. We are immensely happy to say that  POOJA IS PLACED AT DISH NETWORKS AT A PACKAGE OF 7.2LPA.

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