NOKIA 2021

Mohammed Afsar, one of the students from kodnest who always believed that hard work will only lead you to success, if you are determined  about it. He was basically from Bangalore and he studied at the Oxford college of engineering in the stream of electrical and electronics engineering. He was super excited to start his career but he did not get the placement so he was confused about how to start his career.

He got to know about kodnest through his seniors and many of them got trained and placed through kodnest. He was so motivated after knowing their experience and packages they got from kodnest. He was inspired by them and got himself registered at kodnest. He was super happy that the trainers taught from the very basics. From the way of replying to mail to advanced java, they taught everything from scratch. 

He attended 16-17 drives but didn’t get placed in any of the companies. He did his training with full honesty and then he started attending unlimited placements offered by kodnest. He had dreamt about getting into Nokia from his childhood. The most surprising thing happened when kodnest conducted a drive for Nokia and it made him super excited about applying for it. 

He cleared all the rounds and got selected at Nokia at a package of 6.3 LPA and he made his family and kodnest super happy and proud.

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