A very few of us can decide what we want to achieve and work passionately towards it. Here is an inspiring story of Laxmipriya, one of our extraordinary students from Jnana Vikas institute of technology in the Electronics and Communication Engineering stream.

From her childhood, she was interested in computers and wanted to learn about them, but at that age, she was not sure how to go ahead with her passion. She took Electronic and communication engineering based on the suggestions given to her, and in ECE, some programming languages were taught, and that made her more interested in programming. 

 After graduation, she searched for some courses from which she could learn programming and get a job too. That is when she got to know about kodnest. With all signs being positive about kodnest, she joined without a second thought. We saw her totally enjoying kodnest classes and getting better at what she loves to do. Programming, which was once complicated, was slowly becoming fun and easy. 

She got placed at dish networks with a package of 7 LPA, and she was thrilled to work at a company she had always desired.

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