He had zero knowledge in programming but He was hopeful, A student from  non-IT background with 2 gap years. Imagine if this situation also can be turned into a Heroic journey. How cool would it be? We have Jagadeesh, our Nov Batch student who has got offers from 2 different companies after joining kodnest he overcame all his challenges, If he can do it  You can too

Jagdeesh: A normal student with so much potential. He was worried but stayed positive about his future. A student from a non-IT background with 2 gap years, and Being from a non-IT background made him struggle twice as much as an average student. His belief in kodnest and the trust he had on all the processes at kodNest made him stronger and it was really important for us to see him succeed. 

He Never missed any classes and that was his commitment showing his interest and dedication in finding his First Dream Job. We saw him following 3 things to ensure he overcame all the challenges in his path: these statements are quoted by Jagadeesh himsel. 1. Believe in yourself; if it’s hard believing in yourself, then  2. Believe in the process, i.e.kodnest for him, and lastly,  3. Believe in God if you’re putting enough effort. Kodnest provided many drives daily, helping him get the best job out there. He always remained cheerful, which helped him stay calm and see what was best for him. 

His non-it background was no longer the problem when he opted for a full-stack development course as trainers at kodnest started teaching from scratch. He was so well trained that our unlimited placements were a big advantage for his efforts and we are super happy that he got placed at Emudhra and 2 other companies. 

We stand proud to see our KodNest students successful in getting his first dream job. Indeed their hard work paid off.

He has shown that he was Unique and we always Say To be Unique, Be with KodNest

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