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It is not hard to dream, but to make that Dream into reality takes a lot of sweat and effort, one such motivating story of Ganta Mounika, a student of KodNestfrom Andhra Pradesh who started from scratch. She studied at Swarnanjali institute of engineering and technology in the electronics and communication engineering stream.

She believed that starting is always the toughest, but everything falls into place when we are committed to our future or career. The trainers added strength and confidence to Mounika. Being an electronics and communication engineering student, she had to start from scratch, and kodnest made sure that she understood each and every concept, and she now remembers it by heart.

She is from a middle-class family, her mother is a teacher, and her father works for daily wages. The vision of uplifting the family was so strong that she only wanted to apply and get placed in a good company with a good package. The kodnest team made her Dream come true by providing daily drives with top companies. She was waiting for her dream company and also got placed at “Bosch.”

She applied to many companies and also landed 3 offers with Top brands such as TCS, Wipro, and Robert bosch. She was extremely happy and feeling at the top of the world that she got 3 offers but what made her the happiest was the offer letter from bosch. She had uncontrollable tears after receiving the offer letter.
Her parents are incredibly proud, and she is happier than ever that she got placed in her dream job at Bosch with the package of 5 LPA with the help of kodnest unlimited placement drives.

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