A student who wanted to become successful and stand on his feet. Balram Roy from West Bengal had a dream of getting the first job, and kodnest made it a mission to make his dream into reality. He studied at B. P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology in the stream of computer science engineering. He initially just wanted to upgrade his skills, and he joined kodnest, hoping it would help him find his Dream job. So he joined the kodnest training and placements program.

After joining, he was surprised to see the number of placement drives kodnest was conducting daily. Placements helped him a lot as the number of opportunities was higher with excellent training. He completed and gave his assignments on time which helped him sharpen his skills. Each suggestion helped him get one step closer to his dream. He worked and channelized his energy to get placed in a reputed company.
Finally, after lots of sleepless nights he was led to a happy day when he got placed at CitiusTech with a package of 5 LPA. make your career brighter just like Balram, he worked hard, and kodnest made sure his dreams become a reality, he finally got placed.

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