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ASHUTOSH: “The level of confidence that kodnest has given me, I don’t think I would have gotten it from anywhere.”

 It is really a proud feeling that a student from Sikkim Worked Hard for His Dream, Putting his mind to something he always dreamt of and working for it with hard work and dedication. One such motivating story of a student of kodnest named ASHUTOSH JHA. 

Ashutosh always believed success comes to those who move out of their comfort zone. He studied in Sikkim and then moved to Punjab for his graduation. He always wanted to move out of his comfort zone and look for different kinds of opportunities. He was very ambitious and  we have always seen him silently working towards his goals. The main challenge we feel he faced was not finding the right way of learning as technology is a vast subject. Some things are not learned overnight, it takes a lot of effort and sleepless nights to do that and we have seen his efforts. 
Kodnest trainers gave their 200% in building his interest in the skills and that made him enjoy every concept and skills, From the very basic to the advanced projects, trainers ensured he was ready for the real world. After he was ready he attended placement drives that kodnest organized, he got at least 50-60 drives in a month. He got plenty of opportunities as most of the drives were of no criteria. Finally, He got a job at Daimler truck ( Mercedes Benz) at a package of 10 LPA. All the best, Ashutosh. You made us proud.

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