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Sanavi Repe's Journey to Success: From Kodnest to an 8.5 LPA Package at Mavenir

In the world of career success, Sanavi Repe’s story stands out as an inspiring example of how dedication, quality training, and a supportive environment can lead to remarkable achievements. From Raichur to securing an 8.5 LPA package at Mavenir, Sanavi’s journey is filled with perseverance, learning, and the transformative support of Kodnest.

Discovering Kodnest

As a graduate from BSM Somshakara Institute of Technology, I was initially unsure about which training center to choose. I had attended other training sessions but hadn’t found the right fit. Based on outstanding reviews and feedback, I decided to join Kodnest. The moment I walked into the Kodnest classroom, I felt a sense of excitement. The well-designed interior and the vibrant, positive environment made it clear that this was the best place to learn and grow.

Building Skills and Confidence

Kodnest’s approach to teaching was exactly what I needed. The trainers at Kodnest, especially in Java, started from the basics, ensuring that even complex concepts were made simple and understandable. This thorough grounding in the fundamentals boosted my confidence and my ability to tackle advanced topics. The positive vibes in the classroom, combined with the practical, hands-on learning approach, created an ideal environment for me to thrive.

Overcoming Challenges

Before joining Kodnest, I faced the common challenges of uncertainty and self-doubt that many recent graduates experience. However, the support and guidance I received at Kodnest helped me overcome these hurdles. The interactive sessions, mock interviews, and continuous feedback provided by the trainers played a crucial role in my development.

Achieving the Dream

My hard work and the quality training at Kodnest paid off when I secured a job at Mavenir with an 8.5 LPA package. The moment I received my offer letter was a mix of surprise and joy, as I had never expected to land such a great package. My success is a testament to the power of perseverance and the right guidance.

Reflection and Gratitude

Reflecting on my journey, I express deep gratitude to the Kodnest team for their unwavering support and exceptional teaching methods. I credit Kodnest for providing a platform that not only enhanced my technical skills but also built my confidence and prepared me for a successful career.


My story is an inspiring example of how passion and dedication, combined with the right support system, can lead to incredible achievements. My journey from a student to a professional at Mavenir highlights the transformative power of quality education and a nurturing environment. For anyone looking to turn their passion into a profession, my experience with Kodnest serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration.


How did Kodnest assist you in your journey?

Kodnest provided me with a supportive community, expert guidance from instructors, and resources that helped me build essential technical skills, eventually leading to my securing a job at Mavenir.

What was your background before joining Kodnest?

I am a graduate from BSM Somshakara Institute of Technology and was initially unsure about which training center to choose.

What made Kodnest different for you?

Kodnest offered a friendly and encouraging environment, where instructors treated students like family and made learning enjoyable. This support helped me overcome my initial challenges and succeed.

What challenges did you face during your journey?

I faced the common challenges of uncertainty and self-doubt that many recent graduates experience. Kodnest’s supportive environment helped me stay motivated and prepared.

What was the turning point in your journey?

The turning point was when I joined Kodnest and began receiving personalized mentoring and comprehensive training, which built my confidence and technical skills.

How do you feel about your success and Kodnest’s role in it?

I feel immense gratitude towards Kodnest for its role in my success. I view Kodnest as more than just an educational institute, but a home where my dreams were nurtured.

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