Ranjana got an offer from Netalytics

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I am very thankful to the KODNEST team. I got my first job through this institute. As a CSR student i can say that they are not running this institute for the business purpose, the only goal is to give quality and effective training to the students. The one thing that i am very happy about this institute is they won’t take more than 80 students per batch so that they can give individual attention to each and every student. They give good apportunity to everyone who is really in need of job. I promise that you will not get this kind of training in any other institute. I must say thanks to team bcz they are very supportive and kind. Who is really in need of job i suggest you to join KODNEST.

Ranjana Shebani Check his google Review – https://goo.gl/maps/JftaM2UnTd45j4Nz6

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