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From Rejections to Success: Ragavendra's Magical Journey with Kodnest

Ragavendra’s inspiring journey from village to Comviva

In the heart of every aspiring professional lies a story of struggle, hope, and ultimate success. Ragavendra’s journey from facing multiple rejections to securing a coveted position at Comviva with a 6.5 LPA package is nothing short of magical. This is a story of resilience, hard work, and the transformative power of Kodnest.

Humble Beginnings

I hail from a small village in S R District, Karnataka. I completed my Master’s degree from BTU Belgavi. My father, a farmer, and my mother, a housewife, instilled in me the values of hard work and perseverance. My brother works as a quality analyst, which inspired me to carve out a successful career for myself.

Facing Rejections

Despite my qualifications, my initial job search was filled with disappointments. I applied to numerous companies off-campus but faced rejections in the early stages of the selection process. These setbacks could have dampened my spirits, but I was determined to keep pushing forward.

Discovering Kodnest

Everything changed when I discovered Kodnest. The moment I joined, I felt a sense of hope and belonging. Kodnest offered an environment that was both professional and friendly. The infrastructure was top-notch, and the trainers were experts in their fields. This combination of factors gave me the confidence that I could succeed.

Building Practical Knowledge

One of the standout features of Kodnest was its emphasis on practical knowledge. The classes were designed to be interactive and engaging, ensuring that we could grasp concepts easily. I appreciated the one-on-one interactions with trainers who were always ready to clear doubts, both inside and outside the classroom.

Kodnest’s approach to teaching from the very basics was particularly beneficial for me. As someone from a non-IT background, I needed to build my knowledge from scratch. The step-by-step learning process covered essential topics like databases, data structures, programming, and aptitude, laying a solid foundation for my technical skills.

The Turning Point

My dedication and the comprehensive training at Kodnest paid off when I was selected in my first drive. The moment I received the offer letter from Comviva was surreal. I couldn’t believe my eyes and was overwhelmed with joy. Sharing the news with my friends and family, I felt an immense sense of pride and achievement.

My parents were overjoyed, and their pride in my accomplishment was the reward I had always hoped for. The mock interviews and the technical and HR interview preparations at Kodnest were crucial in helping me succeed. The feedback and corrections I received during these mock sessions played a significant role in my final interview performance.

Reflection and Gratitude

My journey is a beautiful story of transformation. From a student facing repeated rejections to a confident professional with a dream job, my path was filled with challenges that I overcame with determination and support from Kodnest. I reflect on my time at Kodnest with deep gratitude, acknowledging the role it played in changing my life.


My magical journey from rejection to success is a testament to the power of persistence, quality education, and unwavering support. My story inspires others to believe in themselves and the possibilities that lie ahead. Kodnest was the bridge that connected my dreams to my reality, proving that with the right guidance and effort, anything is possible.


How did Kodnest assist you in your journey?

Kodnest provided me with a supportive community, expert guidance from instructors, and resources that helped me build essential programming skills, eventually leading to my securing a job at Comviva.

What was your background before joining Kodnest?

I come from a small village and had completed my Master’s degree, but I had no knowledge of programming and was unsure about my career path.

What made Kodnest different for you?

Kodnest offered a friendly and encouraging environment, where instructors treated students like family and made learning enjoyable. This support helped me overcome my initial challenges and succeed.

What challenges did you face during your journey?

I faced homesickness after moving to a new city for my training. However, the supportive environment at Kodnest helped me adapt and stay motivated.

What was the turning point in your journey?

The turning point was when I was selected for the CSR batch at Kodnest, which boosted my confidence and prepared me for job interviews.

How do you feel about your success and Kodnest’s role in it?

I feel immense gratitude towards Kodnest for its role in my success. I view Kodnest as more than just an educational institute, but a home where my dreams were nurtured.

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