Module 6: Java Frameworks & More


Introduce Hibernate as an ORM framework for Java. Learn how it simplifies database operations using object-relational mappings.

Session Management

Understand how Hibernate manages database sessions and transactions to ensure efficient and consistent data operations.

Mapping Entities

Learn how to map Java objects to database tables using Hibernate annotations and XML configurations.

HQL (Hibernate Query Language)

Explore HQL, a powerful query language in Hibernate, to perform database operations using Java-like syntax.


Understand Hibernate's caching mechanisms to improve application performance by reducing database access.

Spring Framework

Explore the Spring framework, learning how it simplifies the development of complex, enterprise-level Java applications through comprehensive infrastructure support.

Dependency Injection

Understand the concept of dependency injection in Spring, which promotes loose coupling and easier testability of Java applications.

Spring Boot

Learn about Spring Boot, a framework that provides a streamlined way to create stand-alone, production-ready Spring applications with minimal configuration.

RESTful Services

Explore how to create and manage RESTful web services using Spring Boot, enabling seamless communication between different parts of an application and other systems.


Understand the microservices architecture with Spring Boot, which allows for building scalable, maintainable, and independently deployable services.