Module 5: Advanced Python


Learn about iterators in Python, which provide a way to access elements of a container sequentially without needing to know the underlying structure. Understand how to create and use iterators to efficiently iterate over data.


Explore generators in Python, which are functions that enable the creation of iterators. Understand how generators provide a convenient way to produce a sequence of values without storing them in memory.


Dive into Python's decorators, understanding how they provide a clean, reusable, and expressive way to modify functions and manage resources. Learn how decorators can enhance the functionality of functions without modifying their code.

Exception Handling

Master the techniques for handling errors and exceptions in Python to write robust and error-resistant code. Learn the use of try, except, finally, and raise statements to handle different types of exceptions gracefully.

File Handling

Explore how to read from and write to files in Python, covering various types of files including text and binary. Understand file handling modes and practice managing file data efficiently using Python's file handling capabilities.


Learn about threading in Python, which enables concurrent execution of multiple tasks within a single process. Understand how to create and manage threads to improve the performance of Python applications by executing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Database Connectivity

Explore how to connect Python applications to databases, query data, and perform database operations using libraries. Understand how to establish connections, and handle database transactions in Python.