Module 1: Introduction to Manual Testing and SDLC

Introduction to Software Testing

Learn the basics of software testing and understand why testing is crucial for maintaining software quality and reliability.

Project vs Product

Understand the difference between a project and a product, and how testing strategies differ for each.

Manual Testing vs Automation Testing

Explore when to use manual testing and when to opt for automation to maximize testing efficiency and coverage.

SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

Learn the stages of the software development life cycle from idea conception to a finished product.

SDLC Models

Explore various SDLC models, such as Waterfall, Agile, and V-Model, and understand their unique characteristics.

Waterfall Model

Examine the linear and sequential approach to software development in the Waterfall model.

Spiral Model

Understand the risk-driven approach of the Spiral model, combining iterative development with systematic aspects.


Discover how the V-Model maps testing phases to corresponding development stages for thorough validation.

Prototype Model

Learn how building prototypes helps refine requirements and design through iterative feedback.

Agile Model (Scrum)

Dive into Agile methodologies, with a focus on Scrum, to understand flexible and iterative development practices.

How to Choose a Model for a Project

Learn how to select the best SDLC model based on specific project needs and characteristics.