Module 1: Introduction to Testing and Selenium

Importance of Testing in Software Development

Discusses the critical role testing plays in ensuring software quality, reliability, and performance. Emphasizes the prevention of bugs and the improvement of user satisfaction.

Comparison: Manual vs. Automation

Compares the pros and cons of manual and automation testing. Highlights scenarios where each type is beneficial, and the efficiency gains achieved with automation.

Introduction to Automation testing

Provides an overview of automation testing, explaining its purpose, benefits, and the tools commonly used. Emphasizes the reduction in human error and increased test coverage.

Selenium overview

Introduces Selenium, an open-source tool for automating web browsers. Covers its history, evolution, and why it is preferred for web automation.

Selenium IDE

Describes Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a tool for creating test cases quickly through record-and-playback functionality. Discusses its ease of use for beginners and its limitations.