Module 1: Number Systems & Basic Math Magic

Introduction to Quantitative Aptitude

Kick off with the basics of quantitative aptitude and why it's your secret weapon for nailing those IT company tests. Get to know why companies care about your math skills and how it helps keep software running smoothly.

Number Systems

Get cozy with different types of numbers: Natural, Whole, Integers, Rational and Irrational numbers.

Divisibility Rules

Master the quick tricks to check if a number divides another without actually dividing.

Calculation of Remainder

Become a pro at finding remainders using different methods.


Learn to find the highest common factor and least common multiple – the ultimate tools for simplifying problems.

Unit Digit Concept

Learn to figure out the unit digit of numbers raised to any power like a math wizard.

Calculating Number of Zeros

Understand how to count the number of zeros in factorials and other big numbers.