Module 5: Reasoning Skills - Crack the Code

Number Series

Spot the patterns in number sequences and predict the next number.

Letter Series

Find the logical sequence in letter series and predict the next letter.


Crack the code and transform words into different formats.

Odd One Out

Identify the odd item in a group based on a common property.

Blood Relations

Solve problems related to family relationships.

Direction Sense

Track directions and determine the final position after a series of moves.


Understand logical arguments and draw conclusions based on given statements.

Seating Arrangements

Solve seating arrangement puzzles, both linear and circular.

Order and Ranking

Determine the order or rank of individuals based on given criteria.

Truth and Lie Puzzles

Distinguish between truth-tellers and liars to solve puzzles.

Clocks and Calendars

Solve problems related to time and date calculations.

Venn Diagrams

Use Venn diagrams to solve problems involving sets and their relationships.