Module 3: JavaScript - Programming the Web

Introduction to JavaScript

Begin with the fundamentals of JavaScript as a scripting language for the web. Understand how to integrate JavaScript into HTML documents and the basics of syntax, variables, and data types.

Control Structures

Learn about if statements, loops, and switch cases to control the flow of JavaScript code. Understand how these structures guide the execution paths in scripts.

Functions and Scope

Dive into functions in JavaScript, exploring how to define and invoke them. Understand different types of functions including arrow functions and the concept of scope and closures.

DOM Manipulation

Explore the Document Object Model (DOM) and learn how JavaScript interacts with HTML and CSS to manipulate web page content dynamically.

Events and Event Handling

Understand how to handle events in JavaScript, such as clicks, mouse movements, and keyboard inputs. Learn how to add event listeners to elements and respond to user interactions.

Arrays and Objects

Delve into JavaScript’s structures for storing multiple values—arrays and objects. Learn how to create, access, and manipulate data within these structures.

Asynchronous JavaScript

Explore the concepts of callbacks, promises, and async/await to handle asynchronous operations in JavaScript. Understand the importance of asynchronous programming in web development.