Module 6: MongoDB - NoSQL Database

Overview of MongoDB

Learn about MongoDB and its place in the landscape of databases. Understand the core differences between NoSQL and traditional relational database systems and why MongoDB is chosen for certain applications.

MongoDB Installation and Setup

Guide through the installation process of MongoDB on various operating systems. Understand the basic configuration and setting up your MongoDB environment.

Working with Databases and Collections

Learn how to create and manage databases and collections within MongoDB, which are analogous to schemas and tables in relational databases.

Document CRUD Operations

Explore the basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations in MongoDB. Practice inserting, querying, updating, and deleting documents within collections.

Query Operators and Query Language

Master the use of MongoDB's rich query language. Learn how to utilize query operators to filter and sort data efficiently.

Indexing Strategies

Understand the importance of indexes in MongoDB and how they improve query performance. Learn how to create and manage indexes, and when to use different types of indexes.

Aggregation Framework

Explore MongoDB's powerful aggregation framework. Learn how to build complex queries that process data across multiple stages, transforming and combining data as needed.

Data Modeling

Understand the principles of data modeling in MongoDB. Learn how to design your database schema to optimize performance and data integrity, discussing embedded versus referenced relationships.

Replication and Sharding

Learn about MongoDB's replication and sharding features. Understand how these mechanisms provide data redundancy, fault tolerance, and scalability.

Security and Backup

Explore security best practices in MongoDB. Learn how to secure your MongoDB instances with authentication, authorization, and encryption. Understand the tools and techniques for backing up and restoring MongoDB data. Learn how to plan for data recovery in case of data loss.