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Pan-India candidates
Broad geographic coverage ensures a rich mix of cultural and intellectual diversity.
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Exceptional Learners

Our students excel through industry-specific training, including best industry practices, this sets them apart from the generic Grads.

6 months of immersive training
Our learners undergo half a year of intensive, immersive training to solve real-world challenges.
Project-based learning
Hands-on projects ensure practical experience and problem-solving skills
800 hrs of learning & assignment
Comprehensive engagement with course materials to build depth in tech knowledge.
Industry-vetted course content
Curriculum designed and updated in partnership with tech industry leaders
Technical Talent

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Backend Developers
Expertise in Server-Side Programming, Database Management, and API Integration
Full Stack developers
Skilled in Java/Python, Front End Technologies with React, and Databases using MySQL and MongoDB
Frontend Developers
Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React for Cutting-Edge Front End Development."
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