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From Doubt to Digit Insurance: Naveen BN's Inspiring Journey with Kodnest

In the landscape of career achievements, Naveen BN’s story shines as a testament to how determination, quality training, and a supportive environment can lead to remarkable success. From Bangalore to securing a 4.5 LPA package at Digit Insurance, Naveen’s journey is a compelling narrative of growth and perseverance.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

As a computer science graduate from the Institute of Technology in Bangalore, I struggled with confidence in my programming skills despite my academic background. My cousin, who had a positive experience at Kodnest, encouraged me to join the institute. Intrigued by the recommendation, I attended demo classes at Kodnest and was immediately impressed by the teaching quality and supportive atmosphere.

Building Confidence and Skills

At Kodnest, I found the structured guidance I needed. The trainers at Kodnest, particularly known for their effective teaching methods, started from the basics and gradually introduced more complex concepts. This approach helped me build a solid foundation and gain the confidence I previously lacked.

Facing Challenges Head-On

Despite my improved skills, I faced significant hurdles due to my second PUC marks, which were below 60%. This led to rejections from 35 companies. However, with the support and encouragement from Kodnest, I remained determined. The institute’s continuous feedback and motivational support kept me focused and driven.

The Breakthrough

My persistence paid off when I secured a position at Digit Insurance with a 4.5 LPA package. This achievement was a significant milestone, marking the culmination of my hard work and the comprehensive training I received at Kodnest. The moment I received my offer letter was filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Reflecting on the Journey

Looking back, I am deeply grateful for the support and guidance provided by Kodnest. The training not only enhanced my technical skills but also built my confidence and prepared me for the professional world. I credit Kodnest for transforming my career path and helping me achieve my dreams.


My journey from self-doubt to securing a 4.5 LPA package at Digit Insurance is an inspiring story of what can be achieved with dedication, quality education, and a supportive community. My experience at Kodnest serves as a beacon of hope for those looking to overcome their challenges and achieve their career goals.

For anyone aspiring to turn their dreams into reality, my journey with Kodnest is a powerful reminder that with the right guidance and persistence, success is within reach.


How did Kodnest assist you in your journey?

Kodnest provided me with a supportive community, expert guidance from instructors, and resources that helped me build essential technical skills, eventually leading to my securing a job at Digit Insurance.

What was your background before joining Kodnest?

I am a computer science graduate from the Institute of Technology in Bangalore, but I struggled with confidence in my programming skills.

What made Kodnest different for you?

Kodnest offered a friendly and encouraging environment, where instructors treated students like family and made learning enjoyable. This support helped me overcome my initial challenges and succeed.

What challenges did you face during your journey?

I faced significant hurdles due to my second PUC marks, which were below 60%, leading to rejections from 35 companies. However, Kodnest’s supportive environment helped me stay motivated and prepared.

What was the turning point in your journey?

The turning point was when I joined Kodnest and began receiving personalized mentoring and comprehensive training, which built my confidence and technical skills.

How do you feel about your success and Kodnest’s role in it?

I feel immense gratitude towards Kodnest for its role in my success. I view Kodnest as more than just an educational institute, but a home where my dreams were nurtured.

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