College to Corporate via our classroom training program

Are you looking to start your Software career and unable to find the right place to build your over all skills, just attend 5 days of our demo classes and see the practical changes that you would have after our sessions. We are sure your level of competence will be top class compared to the rest.

Digital Career Paths

Choose your career path and we will take care of your learning to build a solid foundation for a career in technology.

Digital Career Path 1 (KodNest Premium Module)

Java, Python, testing, DS and C

You will learn,

Digital Career Path 2 (Software Engineer Module)

Testing and java

You will learn,

Reasons why freshers trust their career with kodnest

Our Training Quality

Kodnest has the best trainers in the country with wide range of expertise and industry experience which makes us stand out. We have carefully designed the training programs which is widely accepted in the software industry for its practical approach.​

Our Placement Model

Our placement model is the best in the market for its genuine and transparent functioning and we believe the end result for a student is to get a job and not just opportunities and our success stories will speak about our placements. Till you get your job placement is our responsibility.

Value for Money

We value every single rupee of yours and that is why our courses are the cheapest compared to anyone in the market and we believe in giving you the maximum value for what you pay which is why our fees includes all taxes, study materials without burdening you with any extra charges for our interiors, Air conditioners in classroom and other fancy items which does not help you in your skills YOU PAY FOR SKILLS NOT FOR INFRASTRUCTURE.

Value for Time

We know that time is the most valuable thing no matter what, Our courses are strictly conducted with time sense and you will not have to waste 10+ months just to complete training. Total duration is given for every career path for your reference. Every day wasted is one step away from your job so completion of course on time is our highest priority and responsibility.

Corporate Environment

You know kodnest is a product based company in the ed-tech space as a result of this we also have our classroom training to ensure knowledge and skill development has its flavours of corporate practices which will improve your corporate etiquette with required skills.

Personal Mentorship

Every student is unique and special for kodnest so we take personal care of their learning interest and areas of improvement. Without individual attention one cannot help a student which is why we have this under our highest priority. We are able to achieve this easily because we take limited students for training and we strongly do not entertain crowded classes.