Java, Python and Testing

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This career path is carefully designed keeping in mind the individual roles a fresher would want to achieve to get a job as a programmer or a full stack developer with testing skills


Why Learn Java and python?

Java and Python both being object-oriented languages have its own advantages.

  • Java is a legacy language that is widely used across the world to build complete applications that can run on single computers or distributed among clients across a network and Java still holds a strong position despite having a long history talks about its richness. In terms of the number of opportunities for freshers in India, Java has a strong place.

  • Python is the current talk of the industry is loved by most developers, software engineers and data scientists for its object-oriented features, flexibility and versatility. This language can do the complex task has clean syntax and easy to learn. Python is seeing its share of the rise in the number of opportunities for freshers and certainly, the future will be much more dynamic with Python by your side helping you work in new projects in domains such as AI, Machine learning, Data science and more.

  • Testing is the basic activity that any end-user would do for any product in the world and how can software industry be an exception for testing is one of the biggest industries globally.

  • No products come out to the market without having gone through multiple levels of testing and every company ensures that its products are tested to deliver the best results by avoiding faults and provide the best user experience to its customers. what best can an engineer ask for when they can test their own code resulting in higher productivity and the industry is also moving towards having coders who can test in their teams.

  • All three of these skills will help you choose an individual path in terms of profession/domain or just make you stronger as a techie.

Take-Away Skills

A software engineer having front end technologies(web technologies) will increase the opportunities across the software industry and it can give you its own advantage of being a front end developer which is one of the most in-demand roles in the software industry.

Database skill is a key as the saying goes data is everything in this era, this skill strengthen your hold on the entire project.

Aptitude + Soft Skills + Personality Development + programming sessions + Live Project + mock interviews for both technical and non technical skills are our promise for you to crack an interview as you know these are some key interview rounds in most of the hiring process.



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What people say about KodNest

Kodnest is one of the best Institute which is located in Btm layout. The way of teaching is super and they teach in such a way that everyone can understand ... Read More
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Aishwarya H
Place where you can have faith and trust on team. KODNEST is the place where every category student irrespective of branch and percentage can gain knowledge .. Read More
KodNest KOD069002
Vishweshwarayya H
My life changed once I joined Kodnest. An amazing place to learn full stack course. Teaching is excellent and the way the course is taught is just amazing.. Read More
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Mohammed Hilal Shaheeq
Sonata Software
KODNEST is the best platform to get your first dream job. Kodnest is providing training and placement to needy people with very low cost and high quality.I'm very lucky .. Read More
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What are the courses available for a fresher?

You have 3 courses specially designed keeping in mind the demand in IT, career growth and placement opportunities. So we have MCP1 ( Full Stack Development Module). MCP2(Test Engineer Module) and MCP3( Kodnest Premium Module)

What is MCP1,MCP2,MCP3?

MCP is nothing but the abbreviation for My Career Path you are free to choose the career path you want.

What are the technologies or skill training provided in all the career paths you are offering?

MCP1 will have Java and Python with Testing and additional skills and features.
MCP2 will have Testing and Java with additional skills and features.
MCP3 will  have Java, Python, Testing, Angular and MongoDB with additional skills and features.

What are the fees for all the career paths?

The Fee details are provided in this link, Please go through the same.

Does all the career paths include placements as well?

Yes, All the career paths include placements till  you get your job.

Which career path would you advise me to take?

You are free to choose any career path of your choice as per your aspirations and future plans. All  these career paths have their own uniqueness in the IT industry

Do I have to pay fees on the first day itself?

No, We will provide you with 5 free classes to know our quality of training before paying the fees.

What are the additional skills I will get to learn along with the Career paths?

You will be learning Web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Database which is MYSQL along with oracle, Mathematical Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Non verbal reasoning, Personality development with Professional etiquettes, Programming session.

Will I have Mock interviews or mentorship during the training?

Yes, you will have regular mock interviews and Personal Mentorship will be given to you as well.

Will I get to do a Live project?

Yes, you will  be doing a  live project which is a part of the Career path program.

When will my placement start?

Placement would start from day 1 once your demo classes are completed

How long can I attend placement drives?

You can attend placements till you get a job

Which are the companies that hire from kodnest?

Around 160+ companies hired from kodnest as of Feb 2020 and more details are available in the link provided.

WIll I be taught from the basics as I am not from the Computer science branch?

Yes, Our training programs are designed such that anyone can learn and understand it easily even if they are from non CS branches as our priority starts with a strong foundation.

What is the course duration?

Course duration details are provided in this link, please click to know more.

WIll i get a course completion certificate?

Yes you will get a course completion on successfully completing the classroom training program.

WIll I get course certification if I get placed before the course completion?

Yes you will get a certificate if you get a placed before the course completion

Other Career Paths

MCP 2 (Test Engineer Module)


MCP 3 (KodNest Premium Module)