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Meet Ashwini from Dharwad: The Rockstar of Kodnest

Ashwini from Dharwad | 5 LPA | From Kodnest to MRI Software | A Journey of Success

Ashwini’s journey from Dharwad to landing her dream job at MRI Software with a fantastic salary of 5 Lakh per annum is truly inspiring. Her story is a testament to hard work, perseverance, and the incredible support from Kodnest.

A Humble Beginning

Ashwini completed her MSc in Computer Science from Karnataka University. Like many graduates, she was eager to start her career but needed the right guidance and support. This is where Kodnest came into her life and became a turning point.

The KodNest Experience

From the moment Ashwini joined Kodnest, she felt the warmth and support of a friendly and encouraging environment. The structure and atmosphere at Kodnest were designed to foster learning and growth. Even if students lacked initial interest, the engaging classes and supportive environment sparked a passion for learning.

The professionalism at Kodnest helped Ashwini and her peers develop essential skills for the IT industry. The interactive classes, one-on-one interactions, and the studious environment made learning both effective and enjoyable.

Building a Strong Foundation

Ashwini started with the basics, learning foundational concepts like databases and data structures. The teaching approach at Kodnest, starting from the very basics, was crucial for students from non-IT backgrounds. This step-by-step learning process ensured that everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge, could build a strong foundation.

The classroom environment at Kodnest encouraged students to ask questions and clear their doubts, both during and outside of class. Regular mock tests and weekly assessments helped Ashwini track her progress and focus on areas that needed improvement.

The Path to Success

When it was time to appear for interviews, Ashwini felt well-prepared and confident. The Kodnest team provided excellent support, ensuring that students were ready for both technical and HR rounds. The interview process with MRI Software went smoothly, thanks to the skills and knowledge she gained at Kodnest.

Words of Encouragement

Ashwini’s success story is a beacon of hope for her friends and juniors. She advises them to remain patient and persistent, assuring them that Kodnest will support them until they achieve their goals. She emphasizes that Kodnest is the best place for anyone aspiring to enter the IT field.


Ashwini’s journey from a student at Karnataka University to a professional at MRI Software is a shining example of what can be achieved with dedication, hard work, and the right guidance. Kodnest provided her with the tools, knowledge, and support she needed to succeed. Her story inspires others to believe in themselves and trust the process, knowing that with Kodnest by their side, they too can achieve their dreams.


How did Kodnest help Ashwini in her journey?

Kodnest provided Ashwini with a supportive and engaging learning environment, essential IT skills, and interview preparation, which were crucial for her success.

What did Ashwini study before joining Kodnest?

Ashwini completed her MSc in Computer Science from Karnataka University before joining Kodnest for additional training and guidance.

What kind of support did Kodnest offer to students?

Kodnest offered interactive classes, one-on-one interactions, regular mock tests, and a supportive environment to help students build a strong foundation and prepare for interviews.

How did Ashwini prepare for her interviews?

With the help of Kodnest, Ashwini prepared for her interviews through comprehensive technical and HR round preparations, gaining confidence and skills required to succeed.

What advice does Ashwini give to other aspiring IT professionals?

Ashwini advises aspiring IT professionals to remain patient and persistent, and to trust in Kodnest’s support and guidance to achieve their goals.

Why is Ashwini’s story inspiring?

Ashwini’s story is inspiring because it showcases how dedication, hard work, and the right support from Kodnest helped her transition from a student to a successful professional at MRI Software.

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