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What you’ll learn?





Data Structure



Angular JS


Java Basics
long with brief history, get acquainted with terminology of the language, get to know the features which enable Java to stand out

Object Orientation
Explore the inside of an object, however, make sure to protect it from the garbage collector thread

Data Types
Make storage of data more efficient, learn the wiz art of typecasting

Working of Loops
eliever in smart work instead of hard work? Loops are a MUST in your logic armory

Arrays in Java
se a SINGLE variable name to access tonnes of data. But wait, there are some limitations!

String in Java
ho doesn’t wish to play strings? But not everyone knows how to! Watch String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder fight for significance

Method in Java
ethods live for the team. Fundamentals of almost every modern programming language, methods are born on the stack, execute and diminish

Method overloading
ultiple methods with the same name- sounds polymorphism but is it?

Class Members in Java
ou really thought main() was the entry point of a program? Well, say hello to static. learn to use static variables, static blocks as well as static methods

rotect your private data using public getters and setters. Don’t like the name setters? How about Constructors? Interested in constructor chaining?

now about super keyword 

now about this keyword

Constructor overloading
earn how to instantiate different objects with different states

Static keyword

cquire the properties and behavior of the parents, but, for what? Save time using inheritance-, codeless and earn more

Single inheritance
Enables a derived class to inherit properties and behavior from a single parent class

Multiple inheritance
Inherit properties of more than one parent class

Multilevel inheritance
erived class will be inheriting a base class and as well as the derived class also act as the base class to other class

Cyclic inheritance
lass is its superclass and subclass at the same time

Hybrid inheritance
chieve hybrid inheritance only through Interfaces.

Method overriding
If a subclass has the same method as declared in the parent class, it is known as method overriding in Java

Rules of method overriding
Learn how to override a method

Final keyword
Want to stop inheritance, wanna create constant, how about stopping overriding? Make a method final in the abstract class and check!

1 to many! Use polymorphism concepts to not only reduce the length of your code and make it compact but also make it super flexible

Abstraction and Interfaces
There must be something special about these interfaces that along with class names and constructors, they are also allowed Upper case initials. Are they of equal significance as a class?

ho all should know the location of the locker? Who should have the keys? Specify access by practicing the concept of packages. Do we have a standard format for creating a package? How many inbuilt packages do you know and why is the package kept so?


Introduction to  Exception Handling
e are mere programmers and bugs are bound to occur even after utmost sincerity. Handle exceptions as prevention is better than cure

Handling the exception
ntrusted to learn try-catch 

Rethrowing the exception
Can we throw the exception object?

Ducking the exception
hat happens when an exception is not handled properly

Custom exceptions
an a programmer create exception according to project demand?

Exception hierarchy
Does exception have a hierarchy?

Liskov’s substitution principle
ry overriding methods when exceptions are involved

Thread and Multi-threading
peed is essential in today’s world. Give your application an extra wheel by using the concepts of multi-threading

Race condition
Learn the challenges of a multithreaded environment

Can multiple threads access the same resource at a time? if yes do we have any challenges associated with it ?

Producer consumer problem
Is multithreading applicable in all cases ? is race condition good or bad? Can we make threads to communicate with each other ?

Thread life cycle
Even threads have a life cycle! interesting …well learn about states of a thread

earn how to make communication happen between two processes via socket programming

nterested in making the object’s state persistent? well, learn how?

Generics & Collections
arned you about the limitations of arrays, didn’t we? Well, why fear when collections are here. Make storage, retrieval as well as searching efficient by using the gifts of the Collections framework

Concurrent collections
ant to write better concurrent java applications? then use concurrent collections

Jdk 9 new features
Private interface methods, Stream API improvements, Collection factory methods

Jdk 10 new features
Local-Variable Type Inference, Thread-Local Handshakes

Jdk 11 new features
ype Inference for Lambda Parameters, String:: lines, New File Methods

Jdk 12 new features-Switch Expressions, File mismatch() Method, Strings New Methods, Pattern Matching for instanceof

ore than 90% of applications on the internet are web applications and that is where the Java Enterprise Edition comes into the picture

ake the communication between your java code and database possible by using the concepts of JDBC

Looks and feels of a web app is all-important but this is how and where you write the business logic. The BACK END- Servlets

earn this amazing server page technology JSP and ensure the user wants to visit your web app again and again


earn this to Solve difficulties in Enterprise application development

acing difficulty in learning SQL or fed up with writing repetitive JDBC code? then learn hibernate


Introduction to Python Basics:
Do you think Python Language was named after the famous species of snake called Python? Get to know the answer to this and learn about the basic structure of Python programming language, Installation and the historical background in this lesson

Data Types
Data can be in many forms, be it numbers, characters, decimal etc. but how Python understands details about it.. Interesting right ? Let’s get some knowledge on different types of data and how to convert from one to another

Focusing on different types of operators to do some operations in Python

Working of Looping statements and selection statements
Interested in full-fledged programming? Want to write some logic which will be very useful for you in the future. Let’s start from scratch and learn the selection statements and looping constructs used in Python

Arrays in Python
How will you store 100 student’s marks in a variable in Python? Possible? Learn how we can do that in this topic and get to know more interesting array methods used in Python

Functions & Lambda in Python
The use of functions and lambdas to ensure the reusability of logics are brought to light

Modules in Python
Can you use written code again in some other code and get benefitted out of it? Learn how to use it and understand predefined and user-defined modules in python helps us to solve real-world problems

Comprehension in Python
Working with list comprehensions, map, reduce and filter functions in python to solve problems quickly and easily

Classes and objects
How about taking the blueprint of a building as a class and the real building as an object? Can we design a Python program for that example? Let’s start with an object-orientation approach and understanding classes and objects to deal with real-world problems

Capsules are medicines that contain different types of chemical powders combined into a single cylindrical unit. Is this concept useful in Python too? Understand the idea of encapsulation in python through this topic.

We all inherit some of the other properties from our parents. Likewise, let’s discuss the capability of one class to derive or inherit the properties from some other class in Python

Polymorphism & Abstraction
Looking upon the methods which can take many forms and abstract classes in python


File Handling
Can you write/read the content in/from the file without double-clicking and opening the file? Interesting right? Let’s focus on how python can be used to read, write and delete files

Multiple Function Arguments and Regular Expressions
Getting knowledge of the mechanism of passing arguments to functions and use of RegEx in python

Generators, Decorators, and Descriptors
Understanding the use of generators, descriptors and decorators in python which makes python programming very easy and useful

Exception Handling
Do you think Errors and Exceptions are the same? yes? maybe you are wrong.. Let’s dive deep into exceptions to know the answer and understand how to handle those exceptions

Multiple apps can be run on a single smartphone at the same time. Right? Does this concept help us also in python to do multiple tasks at the same time? check it out on this topic

GUI for Python
Do you want to make your web application more user-friendly? Let’s discuss the significance of graphical user interface in python, use of its modules and Tkinter widgets

The Internet is everything in this era. Working with Socket programming and ideas on server and client creation in Python will be very useful

Database operations
Imagine when you combine codings with tables or data? you can play however you want with the database. Interesting isn’t it? Let’s learn to establish the connection of python with databases and using it to do manipulation in data using SQL

CGI programming in PythonU
Understanding what are common gateway interfaces in python with the use of get and post methods and cookies


fter learning all these topics in python, there will be a lot of hassle involved in web development right? Who can solve this problem? Django follows the model-template-view architectural pattern which enables users to focus on developing components needed for their application and helps us in the above problem. Let’s learn more about this framework on this topic.


Testing Overview
Introduction to testing and its need.

now about how software development is dealt/handled at different companies

Testing Methodology
earning this will make you be well aware of all  the methodologies in testing

Types of Testing
esting is huge and knowing all its types is the key to becoming a master in testing.

Software Testing Life Cycle
ife cycle of testing and how we can test in real-time 

Test Case Design Technique
est cases are the deciding factor and don’t you want to write the most efficient test cases if your answer is yes then this is for you.

Test Case Development
eveloping test cases adds value and strengthens your hold on testing, which is why this is a must.

Test Case Execution
xecution is important in any work and Test cases are no exception, Learn how you actually test/perform testing. 

Bug Tracking and Reporting
ntroduces and explains defect tracking and you would learn bug tracking tools also / Tracking a bug/defect is a test engineer’s responsibility and we will learn how to be responsible test engineers

Test Closure Activity
elps you to build a summary of all the tests conducted during the software development life cycle

Test Metrics
ives the inside of requirement traceability matrix and defect traceability matrix.

Agile SDLC Process
earn agile development 


Learn this amazing front end technology HTML and ensure the user wants to visit your web app again and again. Get to know the difference between markup and a programming language.

Tags. Attributes & Elements
Ever heard of these words ?. Let’s start with the basics of HTML to make it easy for you.

Links & images
an you link one HTML file with other files like JS, CSS, etc. ? yes, it’s possible. Dive deep into this topic to know better

Tables & List
hat about designing a row and column structure on your web page? where you have to write a list of items which should be numbered automatically without mentioning it? It will make the work very easy right? let’s try this

Let’s learn how to embed audio and video clips on your web page. Which will make it more user friendly. Isn’t it?

Filled registration forms on every website to have your own account? Want to build that sort of thing? Let’s learn how to do that.

Semantic tags
Do all web pages have a similar look? Do all pages alignment look alike? where should the content be? Where should be the heading and how does a web page end? Let’s understand the structure of HTML web pages inside this topic.


Black and white are boring. Let’s learn how we can style our web page and make it look more attractive and interesting

Types of CSS
You can write your CSS code in many ways in your program. Let’s understand how many types of CSS are there and how you can use them

Which particular element do you want to style? you won’t style your whole page with the same style, right? Selectors are used to “find” (or select) the HTML elements you want to style. Let’s learn more about it

Borders, Margins and Padding
Topic makes it very clear for you. How to give Borders, margins and padding spaces to your content in web pages to make it look more attractive and understandable

Animations & Transitions
Imagine you have a ball-shaped element on your webpage and based on your mouse movement. It’s jumping and moving here and there. Interesting right? Let’s dive deep into more of such things in this lesson.

Navigation bar
One web page can have many pages. Well, how can you easily navigate to those? Understand how we can do that on this topic

Form layout
Is your form way too big? Well, let’s layout it properly because that’s what is styling right? 

Page layout
We can also layout our pages and get rid of divisions in one web page by using CSS for semantic tags. Let’s learn how easily we can do that


Introduction to JavaScript
Get an introduction on how to create client-side dynamic pages as well as a deep knowledge on object-based scripting language which is lightweight and cross-platform. It’s advantages, features and pre-requisites and much more.

How do you think you can store a value in programming languages and where? get deep dive into these questions and find out different types of variables used in JS.

Data Types and Type Conversion
Which type of data you want to use and how JS gets to know about it.. Interesting right? Let’s get some knowledge on different types of data and how to convert from one to another.

Addition, subtraction are too mainstream.. Do you know ===? Let’s understand some new operators used in JS and how to use them..  

Conditional Statements
If age is less than 18 you are not eligible to vote.. and if you are greater than 18, you are eligible to vote.. Write a program for this scenario.. tough ? let’s understand how we can make it easy using these statements.   
Remember doing “Titration” in your chemistry lab. Let’s do it again and repeat one process and again and again.

One logic can be reused many times just like you use your clothes, Get some advance knowledge on how to use these functions in JS.

Everything in this world is an object, small or big.. But what is it doing here in JS? Let’s understand how we use some predefined and custom defined objects in JS.

Clicking, hovering a mouse, pressing a key from the keyboard and holding it. These all are called events which help us to do some tasks possible in systems. Understand how we use these events to handle a JS dynamic page.

Dialog Boxes
Imagine you unknowingly filled wrong credentials on your Facebook login page.. You got a pop-up box that says Invalid username and password.. How do you think it appeared suddenly? understand different types of Dialog boxes that are used in JS.

Somebody is storing your essential data when you are using browsers to do some work. But why? who is it? find it here.

Regular Expressions
Do you know how plagiarism detection is done? it searches for a pattern on your page and finds a match.. We can use this concept even in JS and understand how it’s possible.

OOPs Concepts
Understand how different concepts of Object-Oriented Programming can be used in JS.. and how it helps us make our web application very effective.


Exception Handling
If you get a wound.. You use a bandage to handle it.. What if codes get wound/error? we use Handler which works as a bandage for the error code, let’s go deep inside this interesting concept.

When a web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document Object Model of the page which is constructed as a HTML tree of Objects.. Get inside of the web pages learning this topic.

Form Validations
Filled a registration form of any web page? ever thought how these types of form pages are filled and when submitted. It gets saved somewhere.. Do you know where? get answers to these interesting questions inside this lesson.

Ever wondered how games are designed and objects can jump or move in the system screen? let’s learn some transitions and animations which can be done in JS using very easy programming techniques.

Browsers BOM
Everything in the browser happens using HTML, CSS, and JS ..and obviously they need to communicate with each other to make it possible.. then who allows Javascript to talk to the browser? 

Hoisting and Strict mode
Let’s understand some advanced topics in Javascript which are added recently and get us a very efficient web page when used.

Let, Const and Arrow functions
Understanding the use of advanced functions in Javascript. And much more. 

JS Promise
Promises in real-life express a trust between two or more persons and an assurance that a particular thing will surely happen. In javascript, a Promise is an object which ensures to produce a single value in the future (when required).


Learn, when did the concept of DBMS come into existence and what is the relation between dbms and sql

Know about DBMS, RDBMS, database clients, database servers.

Terminologies in SQL
Know about different terminologies used in SQL

Data types
Know about the datatypes used for storing the data

Table Creation
Know about the basic object of database i,e table in detail 

Writing SQL statements
Start writing select queries

Case sensitivity
Know about the  Case sensitivity of language.

Arithmetic Expressions
Learn how to use Arithmetic operators in sql

Between, Not between
Learn how to use keywords as operators in sql

In, not in, pattern matching using like
Know about different types of  keywords as operators and learn efficient retrieval of data

Logical Operators
Learn how to use AND,OR and NOT keywords in sql

Order by
Display the output in ascending or descending order

Learn what is a function with respect to sql

Single & Multiple row functions
Get clarity on types and sub types of functions.

Group by clause
Start grouping the output with respect to a particular attribute. 

Learn how to increase the efficiency of retrieving the data 

Cases, Decode, Exists
Want to know about PL/SQL then start from here

Learn about data-definition-language statements in SQL.

Alter, Rename
Learn how to change database objects

Helps you to permanently delete the data

Database objects
Know about stored procedures, triggers, sequences, synonyms, views, indexes etc.

Database clients
Learning SQL developer,SQL yog, Heidi SQL is fun-filled task

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Most frequent questions and answers

You have 3 courses specially designed keeping in mind the demand in IT, career growth and placement opportunities. So we have MCP1 ( Full Stack Development Module). MCP2(Test Engineer Module) and MCP3( Kodnest Premium Module)

MCP1 will have Java and Python with Testing and additional skills and features.
MCP2 will have Testing and Java with additional skills and features.
MCP3 will  have Java, Python, Testing, Angular and MongoDB with additional skills and features.

Yes, all the career paths include placements till  you get your job.

No, we will provide you with 1 week free classes to know our quality of training before paying the fees.

Placement would start from day 1 once your demo classes are completed

You can attend placements till you get a job

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We are starting a new batch on 16th August. Attend one week of free demo classes

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